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3 Steps To Turning Money Into Energy


First Step – Work on a main source of income

Establishing your Financial SOURCE Of Income is vital. This is the most important step you will ever achieve. Financial Professionals suggest to keep your cost of living low and work on increasing your SOURCE Of INCOME!! Depending on what state you live in, the cost of living can change in each state. You should make it a goal to generate over 6-15 grand per month as your main source of income, but Don’t stop there, this is just the beginning when you develop YOUR MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME. The goal is to have a strong source of income in the 21st century that takes care of your bills such as your house note, car note, doctors visits, property taxes, Utilities, car insurance, life insurance, savings, dental co-pays, school loans, emergency, debt, credit cards and much more. The GOAL for having a strong SOURCE OF Income should be to create A Strong MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME that takes care of all the necessities, including other things that create a high bubble of inflation in our society! If you have a strong enough MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME, it should be enough to take care of all these necessities that rob many people from experiencing true financial freedom. Make sure that you have this system in order before creating multiple streams of income. Create a MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME. This is the first step to giving money ENERGY!!!

Many successful people have great JOBS that pay them $45,000 -75,000, $150,00 – $250,000 per year and they have achieved great things by having a STRONG SOURCES OF INCOME and making wise choices to ignore instant gratification of material possessions that don’t create any kind of monetary value!! A persons main source of income is the core foundation which serves as a launching pad into other great investments! Many people try to jump into full-time trading without having any kind of MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME.

Second Step, Quit investing in Liabilities –

Don’t spend all of your life investing in commodities that don’t produce WEALTH: such as; Purses, Cars, Shoes, Clothes, Spa Visits, Eating Out, Boats, VACATIONS, Entertainment, Jewelry,BAD DEBT AND MUCH MORE!! You should have enough money saved up to live off of for the next 3-7-10-15 years, if you start investing your time, talent and treasure into things that offer VALUE. If you loose your job or your business goes under, think about what you are going to do if you haven’t invested into having a strong SOURCE OF INCOME and if you haven’t saved reserved money for the next 7-20 years to live off of. Remember Your MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME is very important. Don’t focus or spend to much time creating other opportunities until you have established a good financial foundation first!! Believe me, I understand what it means to make $500-$750-$1,000 per month and your trying to hustle to make ENDS meet in other areas of your life. Your Mortgage should be less than 28-33% percent of your earned income!! Many people’s mortgage & car notes are there biggest problem they face as it relates to overspending. Most people spend over 50-75% of there earned income as it relates to their mortgage & vehicles. This causes there SOURCE OF INCOME TO BE LOCKED INTO A SYSTEM OF DEBT!! When When you start to operate in Wisdom, you start to understand the key to living beneath your MEANS as a consumer and increasing your VALUE by having A MAIN SOURCE of INCOME and the importance of Investing your time and resources into the right system!

Cars & other commodities can be huge liabilities that can keep people bound to the system of debt for the rest of there life. Its your own business how much you spend on commodities that don’t add or produce much value. Cars are the worst investment you can make if all you do is drive them, pay for them and just look at them. If something depreciates in value every year, don’t spend all of your life investing in it. Buying fancy VEHICLES will not create wealth. Keep your overhead low and always have 1-2 cars paid off so you can save and invest more money into commodities that add value to your life! Remember when most people think of investing they think of investing there money. This is true but when you invest in something, you can invest your time, energy, ideas, concepts and much more! Many things we invest in can be a waste of time, which I am sure you know that TIME is more important than MONEY and any other commodities.

Many people trade time for MONEY. This means money is really more important to you than time is. Now please understand something, We are all trained by this traditional monetary system to trade time for money. This is something that has to be overcome in your sub-conscious mind. How You USE Your Time has to become the most valuable commodity in your life. It takes a lot of time in life to find out who you are and what your potential is connected to in life! The most important investment that you can make in your life is the investment of TIME & Self Development!! This is how I became a Multi-Millionaire. Self Development is the Secret to unlocking the hidden secret of WEALTH! Why is wealth a secret or why is it hidden? Because becoming financial free is disconnected from traditional systems that don’t produce results!!! What will add value to you the most is hidden from the brain that has been programmed to operate in a society that introduces mediocracy as being normal. The truth of the matter is being normal is when you tap into your potential and you connect to systems that help you to step over the CHASM of average results, into a WORLD of Supernatural Results, that are connected to your potential!!

Thirdly, Learn To Turn money into energy –

How to find systems that turn money into energy –

This is my favorite subject, turning money into energy. I became a millionaire through trial and error. I made so many mistakes in life, I got good at not failing after 1000 mistakes Lol. Turning money into energy simply means you have a understanding that you are going to have to put your money to work for you because you understand that money is a lifeless substance that needs to be given expression. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they stop letting there money work for them. Saving money is great, but always remember you need another diverse plan because saving money doesn’t create the energy you need in order to have multiple diverse monetary expressions. The more systems that you engage in that add value, this will give you more expression to your money. The more SEEDS that you plant, the greater the harvest. The old saying says saving money doesn’t make money!!! This is so true because saving money is needed but once we have a savings plan, we must realize that saving money only stores money and hordes money eventually-but it doesn’t give it expression, life or energy. Remember You Still must have a savings plan but don’t stop there, move from saving money, to giving money energy and expression!!

I started saving $500 – $1,000 per month over 25 years ago very religiously while working at a fast food restaurant in my mid years in high school; but as I grew much older around 26-31 years of age, I started evolving creating more streams of income. I developed a savings plan for all of my STREAMS OF INCOME which total up to about 6-8 thousand per month when things really started kicking off for me. I never touched this money that I started to save from the previous years as I started to see success. As a result of saving for so many years, this money really gave me so much leverage with the bank, organizations, contractors, employees and much more outlets.

I remember a brokerage firm was running a special in March 2008. The special was if you put in 1 million liquid into a brokerage account, in 45 days you would receive $7500 cash and 1000 free trades. It was a blessing that I was able to take advantage of this special and made a extra $7500 from saving all these years!! Many financial advisor teach you not to let money sit in the BANk because its not doing anything or its not working for you, there is some element of truth to that but most of them say that because they are not business owners and they don’t understand the law of energy and expression as it relates to MONEY!!! You need to save some of your money and put some of it into the bank and let it sit in a CD, money market or SAVINGS. Many Financial Planers & Mutual Fund Gurus would disagree with this financial philosophy. WHY would they disagree? Number one reason, they don’t have business, they don’t have employees, they don’t have contractors and they don’t understand How TO GIVE MONEY ENERGY. Giving MONEY energy sometimes requires you to have liquid money available to jump on certain opportunities. Also Develop a line of Credit that you use and give it energy and pay it off at the end of the month!! I have well over 25 contractors and employees that I have to pay every month. I have Lines of credit that I use to pay my payroll for my contractors and employees and at the end of the month I make sure to pay it off @ the beginning of the month! This will give your line of credit energy and every 6 months if you pay on time, you can increase the Limit, which will build your CREDIT and Credit influence. I also remember being able to pay cash for a investment property that I got for dirt cheap when the Real Estate market was @ its all time low years ago. If you have all your money tied UP in Traditional system, you will miss out on several opportunities to GIVE YOUR MONEY Expression and ENERGY!

People that don’t own a business or people that don’t INVEST in various projects, will always have a different philosophy from the person that DOES! No disrespect but many Financial Planners and Mutual Fund Advisors that have poverty mentalities will ask you were are you going to sit all of that money at? Have you ever heard that question ask by a Financial GURU that has a one track MIND About mutual funds & compound interest? He thinks compound interest is only develop through a MUTUAL FUND!! What a small mind Lol, They look for people that know how to create monetary value, so they can benefit from all of your hard earned money, without learning the system you used to make it LOL. They want you to stick thousands or millions in a portfolio that will help there financial portfolio LOL. The problem is many of them don’t understand how money works because they don’t even believe in themselves enough to manage there own portfolios, they give it to a mutual fund managers that try to make 5-10% percent per year! In order to give money energy you have to get out of the traditional way of thinking in the 21st century and realize that money can be diversified and broken up into hundreds and thousands of different ways! Shark Tank is a really good show to WATCH. Please google SHARK TANK IF YOU HAVEN’t HEARD OF IT!!! This will help you understand how many ways you can GIVE money ENERGY!! A IDEA can be another element that gives money EXPRESSION & Compound Interest!!! Fiver.com is a incredible site were you can put your money to work and hire several people to do jobs!! I hire 50-100 hundred people per year to do small test run jobs for me ONLY for $5 dollars. I don’t put these people on payroll, I just use it as a TEST to see if I want it to become a culture or system. I never merry systems that don’t work and that are outdated. If something doesn’t work I throw it in the trash. If it works I implement it as a lifestyle and a daily routine!

If you have a business you need to put money aside for each business you create. Many companies & business needs working capital, payroll, checking, savings, escrows and a expense account. Don’t listen to financial advisors that try to get you to stick all your EGGS in one basket like putting it into a mutual fund or some kind of crazy 50 year long term investment. Its nothing wrong with having a small portions of your money & assets diversified into mutual funds, Annuities or stocks; but whats more important is learning how to create energy with a idea & money. Notice all of those financial advisors telling you to put all your money in seven different mutual funds, don’t make good money and they only have one source of income that can give energy to your money. Mutual Funds were better 25-45 years ago if you would have started early and held on to it for 25-50 years; but the dispensation that we live in now is totally different. Mutual Funds don’t create the energy that you need to take you to the next level financially. Its impossible to keep up with inflation when your money is only making 2-5% percent annually, even with compound interest!!

When you start to realize that money can be turned into energy by networking with THE BIG NOUNS; People, PLACES, PERSONS & THINGS your life will never be the same. This gives you more options in life when you don’t limit your time & money to one system. Last year I invested in over 20-30 ventures and came up with some wonderful ideas by networking with diverse people. The majority of Networks that are very powerful are social media and other outlets!! I created some streams of income that I have never spoke about to anyone, not even my wife!!! The greatest energy that you can ever give to your money is to take ownership of your destiny by becoming a boss and a leader that believes in yourself!!! Don’t trap your money into one source, society or personality. People will try to get you to invest into all kinds of ideas and system that don’t work for even them. Always remember this, Take time to believe in yourself. The greatest investment you will ever make is when you unlock your hidden potential. If time & money is not diversified properly, you will lock yourself into a systems that will expose you to mediocracy & primitive ideas, thoughts and experiences.

Saving money has been a tradition that I have done for years, saving 6-8 thousand per month wasn’t done overnight but its a system that I have implemented and its become a culture but it doesn’t stop there, I have a account called Money Energy Fund. I put a certain amount into this fund every month. I look for opportunities to put my money to work and give it energy and expression. I am in the process of working on a joint venture with a young man who received a non-disclosure agreement from X-box to BETA test his video game. I own 30% percent stake into his company and we are waiting on the approval from X-Box which will be a huge return on that investment if the BETA test runs in our favor. At the end of the day you may say wow that is good discipline to go from saving $500 – to $6-8 grand per month but remember saving money is good but it doesn’t keep up with inflation and it doesn’t turn money into energy. Always expose your mind to several different avenues of financial literacy to keep expanding your capacity which will give more expression and energy to money!

I will never forget one of my greatest business decisions I ever made was in 2011. I spent $4800 dollars in 2011 on a internet business that now generates well over $250,000 per year. In less than 5 years the business generated over 2.4 million in gross sales starting with a $4800 dollar investment. In 2016 we invested over $17,000 to expand and rebuild the site and a better content management system that could server as a data base to help our clients and staff!! This business has grown so much it doesn’t require hardly any of my time!!! This has freed up my time for many years and now I have been able to set up other streams of income that add value!! Greatest advice about technology and the internet is to find Web-masters & programmers that can increase your value and intelligence online! A webmaster is one of the most important relationships to have in the 21st century as it relates to Web development. If you plan on increasing your value online our through the WEB & technology, seek for Tech guru’s, programmers and Web-masters which will disconnect you from operating in your own limited level of intelligence and increase your IQ level of experience to take advantage of all the unlimited possibilities on the WEB & Technology! Many people in our century are operating beneath there IQ level because they fail to network with individuals that are smarter than them. Finding smart people in the technology world and the WEB world are vital to going to the next level!! Many people who think very traditional about money, hold on to there little 100,000, 500,000 or 1 million and think this is a lot of money; but your loosing money by not knowing how to put it to work and give it the energy you need to create you financial freedom or a wealthy experience. I understand because when I was a young boy, I remember saving my first $10,000 at the age of 13 and I though I was richer than BILL GATES LOL, It seemed like that $10,000 stayed the same for a life-time, only because at that age I didn’t know how to GIVE money energy, all I did was look and stare all day long at that $10,000 dollars Lol,!!! When giving money energy that greatest thing to do first is to surround yourself around WISE people, Wise IDEAS & Updated Technology to help you make choices before even touching your money!! Some IDEAS you will find you want even need to touch hardly your money at all, it just requires maybe more management or just time providing a service!!!

The first Step to giving money energy is to maximize social media and other options online for free, this is a great place to start because you should crawl before you walk. I love starting with social media and other outlets that have little or no overhead at all, even simple WORD PRESS SITES to do what I call test runs to see if the idea is going to produce any value. If it does produce value then we embrace the culture and build a Custom base site, with a full Content Management SYSTEM – If I have to spend $5,000-$10,000-$15,000 on a web-site with a Professional Content Management System (CMS) that is going to create a energy that makes me six-seven figures per year, its worth it! Saving your little $10,000-$100,000 in the bank is never going to make you wealthy or financially free. Finding People that are smart and attaching to system that add value is the quickest way to become wealthy!! Systems that can help you create energy that are considered cheap or have no cost are: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Chat, Skype, Fiveer.com, brokerage tools, Youtube, Periscope and so much more!!

This is why saving all of your money will never make you Wealthy or Financially Independent. Some of your money needs to be saved but some money needs to be diversified into other vehicles that will create the energy that you need to create monetary value. Remember SAVE Money, Make Money & Turn Money Into Energy by connecting to the right systems, networking with the right people and organizations that add value!